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Promising Sectors and Activities for Collaboration and Partnerships in
Latin America and Africa

John M. Malin and Bradley D. Miller
Office of International Activities
American Chemical Society
1155 16th St., NW
Washington, DC 20036 USA

The aim of this session is to describe activities and trends in collaboration, exchange and partnership in Africa and Latin America, especially in academic and industrial chemical sciences. Session content is derived from the findings of two recent studies on chemically related affairs in those regions. The research was conducted by the American Chemical Society Office of International Activities at the request of the ACS Committee on International Activities (IAC).

The first study began in 1999 on the features of chemically related activities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Venezuela (the five largest chemical producers in the region). The study now addresses 12 Latin American countries. With the same methodology, in 2000 the IAC initiated a study of chemically related activity in 20 nations of Africa.

In its approach, the ACS Office of International Activities conducted print and electronic literature reviews, chemical conference proceedings reviews, case studies, Internet-based surveys and individual informant and focus group interviews with ACS members and other industrial and academic chemists in the regions.

As an expected outcome to the session, participants will take away a greater awareness and understanding of the general landscape of chemically related activities in Africa and Latin America, with an emphasis in the following areas.

  • Technology Transfer and Innovation
  • Factors Accelerating / Hindering Industry and Higher Education Collaboration
  • Valued Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes of Students, Researchers and

Employees Involved in Transnational Exchanges

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