Otto Richard Gottlieb Award, SBQ Natural Products Chemistry (QPN) Division

The Otto R Gottlieb prize aims to recognize Brazilian researchers who stand out for their research in the area of natural products.

The prize consists of two categories.

Young Talent and Full Researcher

On behalf of the committee of senior researchers, evaluators of Otto Gottlieb Prize in 2019, M. Fátima G.F. Silva and Emmanoel V. Costa, director and treasurer of Natural Products Division-SBQ, respectively,  proudly coordinated the tribute session to three researchers who started the Natural Products area with Prof. Otto R. Gottlieb in Rio de Janeiro.

These three researchers are retired, but they were successful in solidifying research on Natural Products in Brazil.

They have been nominated by several colleagues and they are:

Alaíde Braga de Oliveira

Nídia Franca Roque

Massayoshi Yoshida

Prof. Alaíde receiving the medal.

Prof. Nidia was not well, so she wrote a text which was read by Prof. João Lago, who was his doctoral student.

Prof. Massayoshi was traveling in Spain, thus, Prof. Dulce Helena Siqueira Silva told us a little about the history of Prof. Massayoshi with Prof. Otto. 

Prof. Dulce was a doctoral student of Prof. Massayoshi.